History of the Parkland Neighborhood

Immigration to Louisville: Stories on Small Business Ownership

Scholars have written very little about immigration and Louisville. However, that immigration affected the city. Many immigrants came to Louisville and created family-owned businesses. Arthur Lerman’s family immigrated from the Ukraine and developed a chain of Kentucky department stores known as the Lerman Bros. Department Stores with its headquarters in Louisville. The family of Martha Vories and Rose Ann Stacy immigrated from Germany and established Muth’s Candies. This exhibit tells the stories of these two immigrant families who saw very different outcomes. 

Created by Savannah Darr and Cy Hudson


To contact the creators, please email Savannah at sldarr01@louisville.edu or Cy at cdhuds02@louisville.edu. We thank the University of Louisville Archives and Special Collections, the Main Street Association, Arthur Lerman, and Muth's Candies for their support and information. We created this exhibit as part of Dr. Lara Kelland’s Digital History course at the University of Louisville.