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Parkland History

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NIA Center
NIA Center, 2900 W. Broadway, whose name comes from the Swahili word for “purpose.” It offerings include job training and career placement services and programs to encourage new business ideas, and it’s also a TARC depot.

Catholic Enrichment Center
Catholic Enrichment Center, 3146 W. Broadway, offering a Dare to Care food bank and providing activities for youth and seniors, operated by the Archdiocese of Louisville.

The Braden Center
Braden Center, 3208 W. Broadway, a meeting place and headquarters for social justice organizations.

Childhood home of Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali’s childhood home, 3302 Grand Ave., where Cassius and Odetta Clay reared the boxer and his younger brother.

Parkland Rising
“Parkland Rising,” a two-story mural featuring the mythological phoenix bird, which rises from the ashes, at 3201 Greenwood Ave., the scene of fatal shootings in May 2011.

Lyles Mall
Lyles Mall, 2600 W., Broadway, named for and developed by Lenny Lyles, a formeer University of Louisville and NFL football star.

Former Parkland Carnegie Library
Parkland Carnegie Library, 2743 Virginia Ave., built in 1899 and closed as a library in the 1980s. It now houses the Metro Police Department’s internal investigations office.

Parkland Community Garden, 28th and Dumesnil.
Parkland Community Garden, 28th and Dumesnil.
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