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Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky

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Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky


Main Street (Louisville, Ky.)
Louisville (Ky.)

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S.S. Kresge Co. Photo of Woolworth & Montgomery Ward bldg.
Front of three-story Woolworth storefront viewed from across the street at an angle with cars parked on the street in front. Garland is hung between the lamp posts which are decorated for Christmas. Address: 400 block of 4th Street, Louisville,…

Seelbach hotel, Louisville, Kentucky.
Intersection of 4th Street and Walnut Street, now Muhammad Ali Boulevard. The Seelbach Hotel is at the southwest corner with the Kentucky Hotel further west. Crowds of people cross the street. Title supplied by cataloger.

Streetcar at 4th & Liberty, Louisville, Kentucky, 1935.
A streetcar drives past buildings on Fourth Street at Liberty Street, Louisville, Kentucky. The streetcar bears the number 1083 and the designation "Park 3rd." The front of the bus has ads for Crab Orchard Kentucky Straight Bourbon "now 15 months…

Milner-Langford Co. Int. photos of opening of Heyburn Bldg restaurant.
Diners sitting at tables and cooks working in the kitchen at the opening of a restaurant in the Heyburn building.

Waterfront, Louisville, Kentucky, 1930
A boat with "Hollywood Showboat" on the side is near the shore of Louisville, Kentucky. Beyond that are the smokestacks of the Louisville Gas & Electric Company and a sign reading, "The Gateway to the South / Louisville." Cars are parked along the…

Tricia and Kelly Burke Clip
A Short clip from the oral history interview of Tricia and Kelly Burke detailing their memories of time spent on the Belvedere.

Belvedere Fountain R_19772_00_n
Black and White detail image of the Belvedere Fountain facing the city with the Galt House and First National Tower visible on the left.

Belvedere Fountain R_19772_01_n
Black and White detail image of the Belvedere Fountain looking towards the river with a bridge in the background.

Aerial View of Downtown Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
An aerial photograph of downtown Louisville, the Ohio River, and Southern Indiana with the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, also known as the Second Street Bridge, in the center of the river. Title supplied by cataloger.

Aerial View of Louisville including the Ohio River, 1957
A black and white image depicting an aerial view of downtown Louisville, the Ohio River, and Southern Indiana with two bridges visible.
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