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Sense of Community/Neighborhood

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John Taphorn's, Louisville, Kentucky, 1935.
Address: 1053 Goss Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky. Two men stand behind a wooden bar with a foot rail in front of it. Three enameled basins are on the floor under the foot rail. Glasses are setupside down on…

Doughnut Corp of America.  Photo of doughnut machine at Golden Donut Ranch
Interior view of Golden Donut Ranch. An employee stands between a doughnut machine and counter. Another employee stands at a cash register. Two men stand in front of the window. On thewall is a picture of a man with a doughnut and cup of coffee and…

Ben Snyder Dept. Store.  Photo of Ben Snyder store
View of Ben Snyder store with multiple brick buildings with window displays along a city block. A sign reading Ben Snyder hangs from thefront of one of…

Allen Reager Co. 370 Starks Bldg.  Photo of office & employees
A group of men and women stand around the counter at an office

J. Bacon & Sons. Int. Photo of customers buying sheets
Large crowd of customers inside the J. Bacon & Sons department store

Crowd on Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 1932.
Crowd of people outside Schneider's and Simon Cohen storefronts, Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky, possibly reacting to the shooting deaths of Captain Edward Parr and Detective William Mulligan at 11 a.m. on April 12, 1932. A man stands at front…

Volunteers of America, Louisville, Kentucky.
Volunteers in front of Volunteers of America mission hall in Louisville, Kentucky, with advertisement reading: "The Volunteers of America are planning to Feed 1,000 men, women & children on Christmas Day at their Mission Hall-546 E. Market Street.…

Jefferson Post # 15 American Legion. Night photo of first pool game at 215 W. Main.
A group of men stand around a pool table with two men holding pool cues.
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