History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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Thousands of wooden, bare bats are shown in the Hillerich and Bradsby Warehouse. The wooden logs are in the process of being shaped into the formation of a wooden back. These bats have not yet been branded with the trademark Louisville Slugger.

A representative of Hillerich and Bradsby is weighing and examining one of the bats. This bat is bare and has not yet been been branded with the famous Louisville Slugger name

Four representatives of Hillerich and Bradsby review and evaluate the finished Louisville Slugger Bat.

A montage of multiple Hillerich and Bradsby golf clubs are demonstrated.

This picture shows hanging Louisville Slugger Bats hanging from a long wooden bat. The three people posing are representatives of the company and are showing off the finished product of the bats in 1921. At this point in 1921.
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