History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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A firsthand recollection of the old Walnut Street business district in Louisville, Ky.

Sherri Hamilton recounts the open housing struggle in Louisville and the role Rev. A.D. King played in Louisville.

Ken Clay discusses the history of Chickasaw Park in Louisville's West End and its importance to the African American community.

Bob Cunningham discusses the importance of the Bradens in the Civil Rights Movement and how Anne Braden persuaded him to become more involved in the cause.

Louisville resident Bob Cunningham recounts the story of visiting Quinn Chapel and telling the parishioners that their church is on the location of his boyhood home.

Reporter Merv Aubespin recounts the events of the Parkland Uprising in May 1968.

Donald Lassere, President and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center, discusses the role Muhammad Ali played during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the Center's goals and mission for racial equality into the 21st century.

Former Louisville Municipal College and UofL professor Charles Parrish explains the merger of LMC into UofL. While in the Kentucky Statehouse, Anderson fought for African American education.

Former LMC professor Charles Parrish recounts his first faculty meeting after the merger with UofL and how, as the first African American professor, he would handle advising duties for African American students.

Lyman Johnson, a longtime teacher at Central High School, recounts the role Central played as Louisville's only high school for African American students
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