History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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Allen talks about her work in the West End, focusing on the creation of the Peace Labyrinth by the Women's Coalition

King says riots are the voice of the unheard, and the plight of the black poor

King talks about the fight for desegregation

The mural was painted on a two story vacant apartment building to help improve the appearance of the intersection.


A streetcar drives past buildings on Fourth Street at Liberty Street, Louisville, Kentucky. The streetcar bears the number 1083 and the designation "Park 3rd." The front of the bus has ads for Crab Orchard Kentucky Straight Bourbon "now 15 months…

A mounted policeman observes as a crowd awaits entry to a trolley car. The car is stopped next to a concrete island in the middle of Broadway. Another officer behind the trolley directs cars to wait. Across the street, the Heyburn building advertises…

A man stands and five children sit on the back of a wagon or truck as a crowd gathers around them. The man wears a bowtie and a suit with a ribbon on it. The children are dressed in overalls, dresses, or short pants.

Fifteen men in suits pose on the street in front of the Louisville Hotel. A number of them are wearing ribbons. Behind them a ladder is balanced on a canopy and several businessmen are talking.

Cars, mule-drawn carts and streetcars travel up and down Main Street. The Kellar building, at 431 West Main, is visible on the north side of the road and a sign for Burdorf Lighting is painted down the side of a building in the distance.
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