History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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View of the east side of the 500 block of south 4th Street at Guthrie Street looking north. Men and women walk along the sidewalk next to a wood fence. Businesses and stores are north of the fence and to the west.

Southwest corner of 4th Street and Jefferson Street looking south. Multi-story stone building with stores and businesses on the ground floor. A policeman stands in the intersection directing traffic.

Looking south down 4th Street from Liberty Street. Intersection at the 400 block of south 4th Street with a Woolworth and Company at one corner and a Will Sales jewelers and Snyder's Hats at the opposite corner. A policeman stands in the…

4th Street at Liberty looking west. A policeman standing in the intersection of 4th Street and Liberty Street. The Kaufman Strauss building is to the south. Crowds of people are on the sidewalks in front of stores and other buildings.

ultiple views of the northwest corner of 4th Street and Walnut Street, now Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Multi-story brick building at the corner with Thompson's on the ground floor. A policeman stands in the intersection. Crowds of men and women are in…

834 South Third Street, between York and Breckinridge Streets

An aerial photograph of downtown Louisville, the Ohio River, and Southern Indiana with the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge, also known as the Second Street Bridge, in the center of the river. Title supplied by cataloger.
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