History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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A map of the Belvedere during the 1978 Italian Heritage Weekend

Map of the Belvedere for the 1979 International Heritage Weekend

A schedule of the events for the 1978 Italian Heritage Weekend

A short clip from the interview of Lee Cochran conducted by the Main Street Association, about the construction and development of the Belvedere. The clip has been split into three parts with part one mentioning the motivations for creating theā€¦

Jack Guthrie, Roanne Victor, and Dell Courtney describe the impact of the Heritage Weekends in an interview with Susan Foley of the Main Street Association

Jack Guthrie describes the reluctance of the Riverfront Commission to allow the use of the newly-constructed Belvedere for the Heritage Weekends

View of the Belvedere, with the American Life building visible on the right, in 1973.

Three men preparing for a production ofFiddler on the Roof, to be performed during a Jewish Heritage Weekend.
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