History of the Parkland Neighborhood

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Title image for the exhibit page. It uses a 1957 image of downtown Louisville, Kentucky found within the Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky Collection of this Omeka Exhibit.

A short clip from the longer oral history interview of Ida Maney Sissy Thompson Nash and Meme Sweets Runyon in which Meme Runyon talks about the mission and development of Riverfields and their place on Main Street. The clip is split into three…

A short clip from the interview of Lee Cochran conducted by the Main Street Association, about the construction and development of the Belvedere. The clip has been split into three parts with part one mentioning the motivations for creating the…

Black and White detail image of the Belvedere Fountain facing the city with the Galt House and First National Tower visible on the left.

A boat with "Hollywood Showboat" on the side is near the shore of Louisville, Kentucky. Beyond that are the smokestacks of the Louisville Gas & Electric Company and a sign reading, "The Gateway to the South / Louisville." Cars are parked along the…
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